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Posted by themysticcandle on November 10, 2017 at 2:10 PM
There are three types of service used by Wicca. The first Is the weekly service to which all are welcome. It is held at a set time each week and lead by the covens leader. The second is an eshbat. This service is attended only by initiated coven members and occurs on the night of the full moon, at the end of the service been arranged to coincide with the moons crossing of the local Meridian. The third is a Sabbat, The great festival is held four times a year. Savitz replace the ash bats scheduled for the full moon. The object of any service is first to protect those present, then to assist them in relaxing, casting off their daily cares, and participating in a mental and spiritual exercise. The usual time for a weekly service is 7 o�??clock on Saturday evening. But each coven can arrange it on most convenient time. The coven members attend service in their robes or incognito. Requirements for the meeting place are minimal, a flat on uncarpeted floor, a Table, some way of making music, a pleasantly shaped rock, some sand, two candles a live growing plants wooden holder�??s and some folding wooden camp chairs. Once the congregation bills and becomes more sophisticated, a special place where this can be built and concentrated, but in the most countries the needs for occasional changes in menu still exist, so the surface necessity are kept simple. Soon we expect to settle and restore our sacred areas to the their old glory. We arrange the chairs in the largest complete circle the room can contain. If the congregation is large, there are two or three rows. We place a table at the eastern side of the circle and set to have any candles in wood holder�??s and the living plan on it. We arranged the sand neatly in the center of the table. We asked that no make up be worn by the participants and the very minimum of metal jewelry be present.

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