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Soy Candle


Money: Created with the intention of empowering your money drawing spells and rituals and generally attracting wealth into your life, this soy votive candle is a the perfect tool aid when you're looking for a little bit more cash to help yourself through a rough time. Love; This naturally pure soy votive candle has been carefully crafted with herbal fragrances to help inspire warmth of emotion and love. This makes it a perfect addition to your love spells or simply a great way to create a warm atmosphere within your home or sacred space. Housewarming; These lovely soy votive candles are a wonderful way to liven up a new home. Sweetly scented with hints of citrus and radiant with positive energy, they are a great addition to house warming blessings or simply wonderful when burned on their own. Healing; Useful in creating environment of healing for your sacred space or home, this soy votive candle has been specifically crafted with herbal fragrances that can inspire healing and empower your healing spells and rituals.

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